Web based tool to extract data from plots, images, and maps


Click here to download an offline version of WebPlotDigitizer. At the moment, this will only work on Windows 7 or newer.

What is this?

This is just the online app re-packaged to into a downloadable form that can be run without internet connectivity. This simply hosts WebPlotDigitizer on your machine using the PHP Desktop distribution.

Other operating systems and deployment options:

WebPlotDigitizer can be hosted on any computer with a HTTP server with PHP support. Just download the latest stable release from GitHub and extract it into a folder hosted on the HTTP server. You can also use PHP's built-in web server. You are free to download and host WebPlotDigitizer on your machine, personal or corporate network.

Will there be a made-for-desktop version in the future?

Batch processing a large number of images, extracting plots from documents and running complicated image processing algorithms will be more feasible with a made-for-desktop version. Unfortunately, I do not have the funding to pursue this at the moment. If you wish to help, then feel free to contact me.


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