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Privacy Policy

  • Data Privacy: No image or digitization data is ever transmitted and stored on any remote server except if the user decides to export data to Plotly. When an image is loaded into WebPlotDigitizer, it is loaded into the user's memory and all analysis algorithms run on the user's machine itself. When the user chooses to create a CSV file or export a JSON file, the data is bounced off of the server just to get around the file writing limitations of HTML5 - but no data is ever stored on the server in the process. For Plotly's privacy policy, please visit: https://plot.ly/privacy/.

  • Personal Information: The website and WebPlotDigitizer use free versions of Google Analytics and Statcounter. These systems collect information like IP address, browser name, screen resolution and operating system name. Detailed data is not shared with any third party and is mainly used to keep track of the number of hits on the website. Collecting this data allows me to gauge interest in the project and allocate sufficient amount of time and resources to ensure an uninterrupted service. The overall statistics such as number of visitors may be shared with other parties for various purposes (e.g. seek funding). The privacy policy for Google Analytics is available here: http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html and for Statcounter it is available here: http://statcounter.com/about/legal/.

If any of the above policies are unacceptable to you or to your organization, then I can provide a custom version that is free of all data collection mechanisms. For such a version, please send an email to ankitrohatgi@hotmail.com


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